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Dear Families,

We want to provide some updates related to our plans for fall. As you know, there are many moving parts and we are working to ensure a high-quality virtual education for all of our students. Here are a few new pieces of information that might be helpful.

Who will my student’s teacher be?

  • Next week, you will receive an email letting you know who your student’s homeroom teacher (Midvale) or teacher team (Lincoln) will be. As was stated in a previous letter, our teacher teams will be working more closely than ever. You should expect that your student will receive instruction from several different adults. 

What will my student’s day look like?

  • Our instructional schedule has not yet been finalized. However, it’s my expectation that students will be invited to participate in a ‘school day’ that runs from 8:30-3:00. Within this time, students will have live large-group lessons, live small-group instruction, independent work, specials, lunch, recess, and recorded instruction. Teachers will be available each day from 8:00-3:30 meeting with students, connecting with families, and providing feedback on student work.

  • We understand families will have different needs. We will be working closely with families to identify how to make virtual learning work for them. A priority for our staff will be making sure that expectations are routine and predictable for both you and your student. 

What will I do if I or my child need help with virtual learning?

  • Teachers will have ample availability to answer your questions, reach out to you to see how things are going, and connect personally with your student. Teachers are expected to connect with families on a weekly basis, and will be available for ongoing support and communication on an individual basis. We also have great student services staff members who will be able to connect with families and students.

How will my student be able to keep track of their schedule?

  • We are making plans on how to best support students as they go on and off the computer throughout the day, and how to simplify that process for families as much as possible. Again, staff will be reaching out to support families in figuring out systems that will work.

When will we hear from our teacher?

  • You should expect to hear from your child’s homeroom teacher next week. We want to make sure that students and families have a chance to get to know one another prior to our first day of school.

What will Wednesdays look like during virtual learning?

  • During virtual learning, Wednesdays will be all recorded content and independent work. This will include our first Wednesday of instruction, September 9th. That day, we will all be working to make sure any student who was not able to log on during our first day has everything they need to be fully engaged members of our classroom communities. Subsequent Wednesdays, staff will be connecting with families, providing feedback on student work, coplanning together, and learning about the best ways to teach students in this virtual environment.

What do I do if I need a chromebook or if I don’t have WiFi?

  • Next week, you will receive clear directions on who to contact if you need any help at all with your technology. We will make sure all students have access to computers and the internet!

We are continually grateful for your patience and grace during this time. We know that we are asking families to partner with us in new ways, and that these last several months have not been easy on any of us. Please reach out with questions or concerns, and we hope you are all well. 


Becky Galvan, (Midvale)

Deb Hoffman, (Lincoln) 

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